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30% off if you book siblings!
15% Discount if you book 2 weeks
Coupon Code-Double Mint

Our camp schedule is based on week-long themes all summer, which will focus on a special area of interest that sparks your child’s creativity. Using hand sewing, craft glue and all sorts of fun tools your child will MAKE hip clothes, accessories, plushies and plenty more! Even though we have moved to an online platform we still limit our classes to 8 kids, so they can get the proper attention they need. We want your child to feel confident and to finish the week having not only learned how  to engineer and make things from start to finish but to have a blast doing it!

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our camp theme weeks

Ages 7 - 13

Full Day - 9:30 am - 4:30 pm, $450 per week (must have some hand sewing experience)

Half Day 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, $250 per week  (No-sew portion of the day) 

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MAKE IT KIT!  The kit will have many of the items below and More! Some of these items coordinate back to specific weeks but 95% are applicable for all weeks!  


We will keep your child (or children) very busy for 6 hours a day! They will be sewing, crafting, drawing and playing games during this time on and off screen. After given detailed instructions, they will have some of the time off screen where they will work on their project, During this time they can opt to be on camera if they like, however during this time Lara will have scheduled  1 on 1 screen time with each camper, and at any point your child can ask Lara a question. Basically, if Lara's not on the screen with them as a group or 1 on 1, she will be on call and prepping for their next lesson.


Full Week Schedule

 9:30 to 12:30 - No sew portion of crafting, jewelry making and drawing-we take breaks with games and dancing!

12:30 to 1:30 - Break for Lunch

1:30 to 4:30 - Start on our hand sewing Project (or machine if student has one) These projects can also be supplemented largely craft glue.

Part of the reason our online classes have been going so well is because we have a fabulous platform for learning that your child will be able access at their leisure outside of our camp time if they choose. On the platform they will be able to access instructional videos, supplemental materials, and more so that they can follow along and make projects in addition to and independent of our camp time. Since I always supply my campers with different project options they might find when the camp week is over that they have more projects they’d like to do, and if they forget a technique they can always revisit the instructions, essentially they will end up with an amazing library of projects that you can download and have forever!


Below is a summarization of what our platform offers.


·         Inspirational images
·         Reference materials
·         Instructional videos
·         Upload capabilities for the childrens’ creations
·         Chat functions between the children and myself
·         And more!
All supplies are included, each child will receive their own MAKE IT Kit! This will be a package that has all the fabric  and trimming supplies with their corresponding projects broken down by day. You will also need some basic sewing and (possibly a  jewelry pliers depending on which week you sign up for), and if you don't have these handy, we will send you links with some recommendations. 

Can't wait to start MAKING WITH YOU!


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