We offer private beginner sewing lessons for children and adults, and as long as it is reachable by a NYC subway we will come to your home. If your child prefers to have a lesson with a friend(s) that is also an option.  If you don't have a machine of your own, we can portable machine for an extra fee.. Our fee includes materials and supplies. 

 Depending on skill level projects range from a pillow to back pack or tote bag. We are flexible depending on customers needs.

Click below to see a PDF of all of our sewing project options with the recommended age, skill level and hourly length.


2 Hour Private Lesson- $155

3 Hour Private Lesson- $220

Extra fee for the Machine is $25

Group 2 Hour Private Lesson- $155 plus an

additional $25 for  each additional student.


Group 3 Hour Private Lesson- $220 plus an

additional $35 for  each additional student.

Minimum age for lessons using a sewing machine is 7.

If we supply the sewing machine we can only have 2 students who share one machine.

If the customer has another machine we can have up to 4 students.

Minimum age for lessons using HAND SEWING is 6.

For hand sewing lessons we can have up to  8 students for small parties.