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Our new Summer Camp space is ideal with tons of outdoor space to set up our sewing machines!

For Summer Camp we will be turning the lovely restaurant Palo Santo on Union Street in Park Slope into an amazing Sewing and Crafts Studio for 4 weeks (possibly more). Please see details of this location here:.


We chose this location because it is a charming place with lots of outdoor access for the kids to stay safe while they craft and sew. There are even outlets  in the garden to to set up sewing machines!. It will be held daily from 9 am to 3  p.m. with a late pick up option to 5pm


Our camp schedule is based on week-long themes all summer, which will focus on a special area of interest that sparks your child’s creativity. Using sewing machines (no machine experience necessary), craft glue and all sorts of fun tools your child will MAKE hip clothes, accessories, plushies and plenty more!  We still limit our camp weeks to 8 kids, so they can get the proper attention they need. We want your child to feel confident and to finish the week having not only learned how to engineer and make things from start to finish but to have a blast doing it!

See below the awesome Theme Weeks we have planned with their corresponding dates.


Since our Themes were so popular last year, we decided to stick with the same themes, but just update the projects. This way our MAKE IT Campers can keep coming back for more!

Check out all the details below

 Ages 7-13
Must have some hand sewing experience.
And if you already know how, that is fine too!
We have projects for the ultimate beginner to the advanced beginner!
July 12th - August 7th
Monday - Friday
Full Day: 9am-3pm - $535
Half Day: 9am-11:30am $325
3 pm - 5 pm Late Bird, $15/hr fee 
Below is a list of our different Theme Weeks.
Click on each theme to see complete details.
Weekly Themes & Dates
Camp Day Schedule

  • 8:50 am to 9:00 am Drop off

  • 9:05-Talk about our day plan..

  • Either start a new project or finish yesterday's

  •  10:15 Break for 15-minute snack and free time. As a safety precaution children will be responsible for their own snacks

  • 11:30 -  1/2 day children will leave

  • 11:30 - 12:00 We will review the next project and gather supplies

  • 12:00 -12:45-break for lunch-We do not provide lunch. Please make sure your child comes with a packed lunch and a sufficient amount of water for the day.

  • If the weather permits and the kids are up to it we will walk over to the OSH Park on 3rd St and 5th ave.  After the children eat, we will alternate between free play in the play ground and organized games that we rotate daily (their choice). 

  •  After lunch we will start a new project

  •  2:00 - 10 Minute dance break.

  • 3:00 (please try and arrange to have your child picked up no later then 3:10, if you are going to be later you can always call to have them stay for the late pick up extension for an additional charge.)

  • 3:10 – 5 pm late pick up for an additional charge of $15  ​per hr