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PRIVATE LESSONS! We now have our own space where we can arrange for your child to come in for a private lesson during the week or on the weekends. Just email to make arrangements. See below all the wonderful services we offer lessons on and scroll further  down for prices on different options.

If your child is struggling to keep up in a class format or they would really like to advance their sewing skills, they will benefit from our private lessons. Whether it is one on one or your child and a close friend, Our teachers take their time and will teach at whatever speed works best for your child's needs. We can even curate the lesson with you so that it really piques your child's  interest! 

We can also do larger groups for kid's parties or small friend groups for kids or adults!

scroll down to see all the different types of lessons we can do


IN PERSON AND VIRTUAL PRIVATE  LESSON (1 on 1 in your home) - 

2 Hour Private lesson- $165 (in Person)

Package of 3 lessons = 3 x  1 hour and 45 Minute lesson - $435-Scroll down to sign up


GROUP of 2 or 3

1 x 90 Minute Lesson (can go to 105 minutes) - $95 for each student (in Person)

Package of 3 lessons 3 x 90 Minute lessons - $285 each student (in Person), $180(virtual)


Learn how to sew something adorable!

We can do either Machine or Hand Sewing lessons with lots of great projects to choose from. for children and adults. Whether you would love your child to expand their basic sewing skills  or you yourself finally want to take that machine out for a try, we are here to guide you through it! To learn more about your options please click below.

online jewelry making Aoife.JPG

Learn how to make your own Jewelry!

We offer Leather,  Polymer clay, Wood and Macramé jewelry making lessons . The Leather is our most popular with adults, but if you can't decide we also offer the 3 package private or group lessons where you can try all the different medium we offer!

If you are interested in learning more about our private jewelry making lesson options then please click below.


Learn Fashion Illustration!

Learn how to sketch like a fashion designer!  Lara will give you tips on how to sketch a fashion figure, use different media, render fabrics, hair and other illustrating techniques. We have lots of fun creative projects that will get your creativity going. If you would like to learn more about our private fashion illustration lessons then please click below.

Mara Private.jpg

we teach more than just sewing! below are all the different fun private and group lessons we offer.

  • 1 on 1 Private lessons in your choice of our services

    450 US dollars
  • this covers 1 child from the group

    165 US dollars
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