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MAKE IT! Studio founder, Lara Kazan, has drawn these fashion industry croquis sketches for her students to use during our Fashion Design and Illustration class. After teaching fashion to children for a couple of years she noticed how frustrated they would get when they tried to do the figures on their own. Learning to draw the human figure can take artists years and Lara knows from having been herself a designer in the fashion Industry for many years, that most designers need to trace over croquis, so why not have her students do it!


These fashion figures really help her student's get creative and concentrate on their designs and learning new techniques in water color and markers. rather than getting stuck getting their figure to look correct.


Lara even has a short video that is included in the cost, showing kids how to use the croquis when they sketch their designs.


We also offer small group classes in fashion illustration if your child is interested in improving their skills as well as private lessons where Lara can teach them how to draw the fashion figure from scratch if and when they want to take that on!






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